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PostSubject: Hello!   Hello! EmptyFri 11 Aug 20:49

Hello! My name is Yutaka Nagahata from Japan Osaka. I'm sorry for lateing up some topics (sebaschan ask for my manths ago), because my university's life gives few time to free. And now I'm in a summer vacation (Japanese shcools take vacation on summer and spring and short vacation on winter). So it is good time to talk with you.

Actualy I study physics maybe you donot like it (because it is very difficult to understand) but I also have interests on all kind of science, history, many kind of art (picture, play, music, and others), politics, and you!

Our talk (exchanging each idea) will give us new view of the world. It is good chance. So someday I hope to just talk about you with skype like media.

I'm grad to join this group!! Thanks!
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