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 War: Impoadant day in japan and world

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War: Impoadant day in japan and world Empty
PostSubject: War: Impoadant day in japan and world   War: Impoadant day in japan and world EmptyFri 11 Aug à 20:21

My Great Admiring Persons, Mr. A, Einstein, Mr. H, Yukawa, Mr. R, Feynman

If you can see why I mention those persons, you should tell what I want to talk to.
About 60 years ago, Einstein and his friends of physicists tell the technology to U.S. to avoid using the bomb by the Nazi. It’s come to start the Manhattan Project.
For Einstein, he had been on big pressure because he is Judah, and it might effects his judgment.

For now, it should be occur to be in secretly even on other nations. Then that was very natural to be ---Of cause, I do against the project which in the end, made the tragedies.---

In this context, the action A, Einstein took after the tragedy, could be the best way. That is because the action changed scientist views. It added scientists study blame.

The way of thinking, Science, have given us many idea and knowledge but as Hayao Kawai says, those knowledge do not include what human feel. As the results it sometime hurt humanity.
However, that knowledge are only results of Science as way of thinking and how to use is just depend on humanity. ---Science as the way of thinking does not imply how to use the results.

In this view, The Wards
“We will not mistake again this fault.” (The Memorial of Atomic Bomb Attack of Hiroshima)
is really good for. ---and rational---

It is thought that Earth quake and eruption caused from thermo of Uranium radiation alteration. Moreover atoms composing the Earth are also from the radiation alteration. ---That is thought that all kind of atoms are from Fire Ball at primitive Space by radiation alteration reaction--- Then, shiny ray to our pleasant planet The Earth is also from radiation alteration on The Sun.

The weapon which we got it by chance, is took advantage of the very natural reaction which make up our universe and we really have to learn and notice the phenomena’s power we cannot control the power completely.

Thinking of human’s guilty and two atomic bomb attack Nagasaki, Hiroshima.
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War: Impoadant day in japan and world
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