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 Introducing myself.

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Introducing myself. Empty
PostSubject: Introducing myself.   Introducing myself. EmptyWed 5 Apr ŕ 19:56

Hello people!

In the guise of introduction:

I'm a translator, proofreader, editor and MS in Electronics
Born in Malta - Spanish (Celtic) father - English mother
Name of Raymond (Ramón, oldish but making the point!)
Lived around the world for quite a while.
Don't ask me which is my mother tongue, I forgot! Embarassed
Married an Argentinean girl and adopted her country... or was adopted by it, (or her?)!
Quite ordinary and boring life. Just a small boat in the foggy sea of reality.

I've been lurking for a while, mainly because I was up to the brows in jobs (thank Goodness) and secondly waiting in the speed lane for an opportunity to launch "ma bagnole" into traffic. Very Happy

I am sure I can learn a lot from you all to help me understand the world better and make my jobs easier.

If anyone wants to know anything else about me (can't think any reason why any of you would) there is a small farsooth's profile in Frappr or you can ask me, of course!

Hope to find all of you in the, (hey Sébastien, is there a way to make this topics things a bit less confusing?) rest of the forum.


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Introducing myself.
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